The Quantum 5-stack platform is designed for high volume solar manufacturing and dedicated for POCl3, BBr3, and Anneal / Oxidation processes. The advanced system set-up handles high wafer loads while ensuring stable, reproducible and versatile process conditions at the lowest cost of ownership. The compact design includes low-loss heating elements and environmentally friendly recirculating air cooling, resulting in more than 25% energy savings. The system comes with integrated full automation.

HD POCl3 (2154 x 756)






  • High throughput
  • Reliable atmospheric process
  • Optimized chemistry &  hardware
  • 10% Lower CoO than LP systems
  • 5-stack system with height <3,20 m
  • High Ohmic processing up to 140 /sq
  • Proven in full production



  • Global leader in BBr3 diffusion
  • Reliability proven in mass production
  • Tempress recipe for Boron emitter formation without Boron Rich Layer
  • Emitter formation for high-efficiency n-type cells


Anneal / Oxidation KEY FEATURES

  • Thermal oxidation for advanced emitter technologies
  • Integrated process with ion implantation or n-PERT
  • Optimized recipes for
    · Surface passivation
    · Post-implantation annealing
    · PID resistance
    · PERC annealing