Tempress has developed an atmospheric process called High Density POCl3. The HD system benefits from the throughput advantage of small pitch, back-to-back, and long flatzone configuration. Using improved chemistry and hardware adaptions, excellent uniformity and efficiencies are obtained in full production at Tier one customers. With the HD-POCl3 diffusion process, Tempress has focused on process innovation to increase throughput without the drawbacks (high cost / high maintenance) of complex low pressure systems. The HD-POCl3 process is supplied within the Quantum 5-stack system platform.

HD POCl3 (2154 x 756)


Key system features

  • 5 independent tubes, 3200 wafers per hour
  • Pre-installed process recipes for up to 140 Ω/sq sheet resistance with good within-wafer uniformity
  • Integrated solution using Tempress’ small pitch back-to-back full automation
  • 5-stack system with height < 3,20 m
  • Proven in full production


Customer benefits

  • Plug and play solution, similar to industry standard atmospheric POCl3
  • Fast process qualification, allowing steep production ramp-up
  • Very low maintenance cost due to reliable atmospheric process
  • Maximum uptime and lowest cost of ownership together with excellent service and support ensures long term successful production capacity