TS-Series POCl3

The POCl3 diffusion process is the most suitable and versatile method for creation of an n-type dopant layer. Due to 40 years of experience, Tempress has established a POCl3 diffusion platform capable of delivering the most stable, reproducible and versatile process conditions at the lowest cost of ownership.


Key system features

  • Tempres 0194 independent tubes, 1600 wafers per hour
  • Pre-installed process recipes for up to 140 Ω/sq sheet resistance with good within-wafer uniformity
  • Integrated cassette to cassette full automation
  • Only highest quality components are used to ensure system quality
  • Automatic pressure control for stable and repeatable process
  • >10 years equipment lifetime


Customer benefits

  • User friendly control software allows users to modify and monitor process recipes and develop their own production standards or record-cell recipes independently
  • Access to the large in-house knowledge of Tempress concerning diffusion processes, ranging from stable emitter formation for the mass production of p-type solar cells to low doped emitters for advanced cell concepts and interaction with other cell processes
  • Optimized uptimes and best cost-of-ownership together with excellent service and support ensures long term successful production capacity for our customers