Small Batch Furnace systems

Over the past 50 years, Tempress has built up an world wide installed base of over 1800 furnace systems. Most of these systems are dedicated for the Semiconductor industry. During this long history, Tempress was able to built up extensive hardware and process know-how. The TS 6 & TS 8 series Small Batch Furnace systems can be equipped with a wide range of processes in various set ups,

Key system features

  • semi-rd-furnance1-4 tubes furnace with flat zones of 300 – 600 mm
  • Temperature range available 380 – 1350 oC
  • Manual/Semi manual loading system with loadstation
  • Automatic loading by Cantilever or Softlander system
  • Back mounted and L shaped gas source cabinet available
  • Very small footprint
  • High quality, performance and full support
  • Control system consisting of:
    • Digital Process Controller (DPC)
    • Digital Temperature Controller (DTC)
    • Colour TFT touchscreen
  • Tempress Data Management System (TSC system)

Typical processes


  • Oxide
  • POCl3
  • BBr3
  • Solid Source doping
  • Sintering / Alloying
  • Annealing / Drive-In


  • Poly Silicon (Flat-ramped-doped)
  • LPCVD, SiN, Oxide
  • LTO (BPSG)
  • HTO
  • Tantal Oxide