VS Series.

The VS series vertical furnace is a very economical, scalable and small footprint solution for smaller batch (up to 75 process wafers) wafer processing.

The platform offers latest technology for a wide range of diffusion,  deposition and curing processes. The very flexible multi-side installation capabilities yield optimal use of your cleanroom space. With wafer handling options ranging from manual loading to fully automated with OHT, the VS series allows for easy and cost-effective integration in any environment.

Smaller batch, latest technology

The VS Series offers the ultimate solution for smaller batch (up to 75 wafers) wafer processing with no compromises to quality. The VS Series vertical furnace assures tight process performance in both the quality of the process and the cleanliness of the wafer handling.

Optimal value of ownership.

Designed for the handling of smaller wafer batches, the VS series’ low investment costs, economical use of auxiliary supplies and energy and its long lifetime assure an optimal value of ownership.

Versatile process options.

Similar to the TS Series horizontal furnaces, the VS Series offer a wide range of deposition, diffusion and curing processes.

Multi-side installation capabilities on a very small footprint.

The unique multi-side installation capabilities support a large set of configurations, allowing the most efficient setup for your cleanroom layout. Side-to-side placement as well as placement against a wall is possible, the loading position is configurable as well. With a typical height of less than 2.80 meters, it can easily be placed in cleanrooms with height restrictions as well.

Wide range of wafer handling options.

The VS Series is designed around the concept of smart flexibility. Flexibility in the VS Series facilitates processing of 150 and 200mm wafers. Processing of 300mm wafers is possible for a selection of processes. The smaller reactor allows for  economically processing small batches of R&D wafers, while maintaining scalability towards high volume manufacturing with up to 75 process wafers on the same processing platform. Moreover, whether you choose to load your wafer manually or fully automatic, the VS Series will fit your environment and budget.

Easy operation and high security

The advanced and proven NTM furnace controller and software delivers:

  • Easy formulation and adaptation of process recipes and distribution over different furnaces without advanced programming skills.
  • Data logging and detailed process monitoring allowing  improvement in process quality and yield
  • New touchscreen user interface that is intuitive and easy to use for operators and process technologists
  • Improved user management allowing easy operation, protection against user mistakes and improved security of process IP.
  • One UI (User Interface) to control the entire furnace including process monitoring, wafer logistics, recipe editing, safety and extensive logging of process variables.

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