Tempress will continue as a stand alone company after the divestiture by Amtech Systems, Inc [as announced in the Amtech press release of January 28th]. Tempress will serve its customers with innovative thermal solutions for Semiconductors, Photonics and MEMS business from its Dutch operations and serve it’s Solar customers from Kunshan, PRC. 

Tempress was founded in 1967 and is based in Vaassen, The Netherlands. Tempress is customer oriented horizontal and vertical solar/semiconductor furnace equipment manufacturer. In 1994 the Company was acquired by Amtech Systems, Inc and divested in January 2020 as part of its change in strategic focus. Recently, Tempress has started a corporate restructuring to move its Solar horizontal furnace business to Kunshan in China. The Chinese operations started in June 2019 and has turned out to be a real success with customers running 24/7 production with the locally build furnaces. Further expansion of the Kunshan operation is expected in the coming period. Tempress is well capitalised and is well positioned to provide its customers with innovative solutions and services offering a wealth of high temperature diffusion and CVD solutions for high volume production and R&D.