Meet our company.

About Tempress.

Tempress’ purpose is to support customers in the semiconductors, power, MEMS, photonics, solar, life sciences and coating markets to produce advanced materials and devices with high added value innovative furnace solutions. Tempress’ over 50 years of heritage in developing and producing diffusion and deposition equipment and related processes is a testament to the company’s flexibility, innovation, quality, and dedication.

Our technologies and products have advanced the semiconductor industry and we have installed more than 30 GW production capacity in diffusion furnace systems for solar panel production. Tempress’ headquarters and assembly and testing facilities are located in Vaassen, The Netherlands. Customers are supported throughout the world by its highly professional direct sales and service people and commercial partner network.


 We believe that semiconductor technologies are critical to develop solutions to keep the world clean, connected and healthy.


 We deliver deposition technologies to produce devices that enable the electrification of our transport, that connect people and things (IoT) and that improve health.


Honesty – we believe in absolute integrity.
Ownership – we believe in teamwork and keeping our promises.
Ambition – we believe in being bold and positive.

The Tempress team.

In the design of our organization we took inspiration from the Dutch landscape: flat and open. We like to take on challenges to provide our customers with the best solution for their problem. We are there to stay with our customers in easy and challenging times and do not walk away from problems until they are solved!

Our skills and competences.

Hightech systems

Process technology


Customer support


All the other stuff to run a decent company


Our environment.

It is our ultimate priority to be a strategic partner in a high tech industry, which is driven by knowledge and innovation, in a manner that exceeds customer expectations. Our policy is to establish a professional customer relationship, understand our customer vision and mission, which translate into solutions for tomorrows challenges.

Your benefits

  • Guaranteed consistent high quality product
  • State of the art solutions
  • Quick and professional delivery
  • Sophisticated handling of client matters
  • Clear terms of delivery
  • Structured handling of deviations in the delivery process

Our QEH&S efforts

  • Quality and personal safety are the highest priority for us
  • Customer demand is always our main priority for realization and delivery of our products
  • Corporate social responsibility is our link between customer, suppliers and society
  • We guarantee that our organization remains relevant in legislation and regulations
  • ISO 9001 certification ensures consistent quality and delivery of our products
  • Our primary processes are guided by the latest state of technology in ERP, CRM, DLP and PLM solutions

Research & development.

R&D at Tempress drives valuable and innovative solutions into the market and supports our customers in developing next generation technologies that make the world cleaner, better connected and more healthy.

Our History.

Tempress heritage goes back over 50 years! Our technologies have contributed to breakthroughs in the semiconductor and solar industries. See for more details below!


The beginning.

Tempress was founded

There was light.

First diffusion furnaces produced in the Netherlands, some still running!



Go vertical.

Aquired by Amtech

Design new vertical diffusion furnace.

One giant leap.

First solar order for mass production of solar cells.




Market introduction small batch vertical furnace.

It’s alive.

Introduction TS series furnaces for diffusion and LPCVD.



Acquisition R2D.

Integrated wafer automation.

Number one.

World leader in solar cell production diffusion furnaces.




Introduction of a dedicated solar cell production furnace.


Launch of the five stack Spectrum LP / PECVD furnace for solar cell production.



New ownership.

New ownership Innovations Industries.

T-Series V.

Introduction of the TS Series V horizontal furnace platform



VS Series.

Launch of the VS Series vertical furnace platform.

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the T-Team.

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  • Radeweg 31, 8171 MD, Vaassen