A new launch

Mar 9, 2021 | markets, News, solution

Tempress launches the TS Series V multipurpose thermal processing platform, providing ultimate process flexibility (diffusion, LPCVD, PECVD and ALD) within optimized cleanroom footprint. The TS Series V can process wafer sizes up to 300 mm and can be configured for a wide range of wafer loads. The flexible and customized options for full and integrated automation (including cassette-to-cassette) make the TS Series V easy to integrate into existing infrastructure. A proprietary and well proven temperature controller (DTC) for temperatures up to 1350 degrees Celsius delivers unprecedented temperature stability over longer time resulting in less process maintenance, higher yield and a longer economic lifetime.

“The ability to handle various processes in one tool, combined with the flexibility in wafer size and load, makes the TS Series V the tool of choice for customers in the semiconductor, MEMS, photonics and power industries”, says Pieter de Groot, managing director and CEO. “A reliable system control with self-diagnostics and remote access capabilities combined with our process support and high quality design ensure high uptimes and process availability for the critical applications in our customer’s fab operations”.

About Tempress
Tempress’ mission is to support customers in the semiconductors, power, MEMS, photonics, solar, life sciences and coating markets to produce advanced materials and devices with high added value innovative furnace solutions. Tempress’ over 50 years of heritage in developing and producing diffusion and deposition equipment and related processes is a testimony to the company’s flexibility, innovation, quality, and dedication. Our technologies and products have advanced the semiconductor industry and we have installed more than 30 GW production capacity in diffusion furnace systems for solar cell production. Tempress’ headquarters is located in Vaassen, The Netherlands. Customers are supported throughout the world by its highly professional direct sales and service people and it’s commercial partner network.

Find out more about Tempress at our LinkedIn-page (https://www.linkedin.com/company/tempress-systems).