Tempress has received a purchase order from a large solar cell manufacturer for PECVD silicon nitride furnaces. The Tempress PECVD system combines best in class uniformity deposition at highest system throughput for direct plasma deposition systems. This results in the lowest cost of ownership for our customers, according to Jeroen van Hapert, Business Director at Tempress.

The Tempress’ PECVD systems uses patented technology to achieve best in class color uniformity, underlining Tempress’ position as the global leader in direct plasma PECVD furnace technology.

Tempress PECVD key system features
• High cell throughput of 200 MW / system
• Uniform process over entire wafer load, by patented heating solution
• Low electricity usage (more than 40% reduction compared to competition)

Customer benefits
• Plug and play solution, proven in production
• Tempress recipe for multi- layer, PID free
• High uniformity with industry lowest cost of ownership
• Optional additional precursors for SiONx, TMA, et cetera