The company has received a large purchase order from a Tier 1 Solar cell manufacturer for boron diffusion furnaces. The Tempress BBr3 system combines high quality in Solar cell output with high system throughput. This results in the lowest cost of ownership for our customers, according to Jeroen van Hapert, Business Director at Tempress.

The third generation of Tempress’ BBr3 systems uses the latest Tempress SPECTRUM platform, thereby strengthening Tempress’ position as the global leader in BBr3 diffusion furnaces. Using its extensive experience in BBr3 high volume manufacturing, Tempress has again put a system on the market that outperforms competition furnace systems both in daily output as well as in reliability.

Tempress BBr3 Key system features
• High throughput >100 MW / system
• Uniform process results over entire load
• Integrated solution with fine pitch back-to-back automation available

Customer benefits
• Plug and play solution, proven in production
• Tempress recipe for Boron emitter formation without Boron Rich Layer
• Emitter formation for high-efficiency n-type solar cells
• Maximum uptime and lowest cost of ownership

About Tempress
Tempress is located in the Netherlands. Tempress’ 50 years of heritage in developing and producing diffusion equipment and related processes is a testament to the company’s flexibility, innovation, quality, and dedication. As a result, Tempress has shipped a commanding 30 GW of diffusion furnace systems for Solar applications. The Semiconductor experience is a fundament for our technology and knowledge. In order to meet the market’s demand for more efficient and cost-effective solar cells, Tempress has developed strategic relationships with leading Solar research institutes, universities, industry partners and our customers. This close collaboration is a technology enabler.

Our rich history enables us to deliver cutting-edge Solar technology supplemented with diffusion & deposition equipment and automation solutions to our large customer base. Our goal is to continue supporting our customers in their pursuit for higher efficiencies and the lowest Cost of Ownership.
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