The Small Batch Vertical Furnace (SBVF) can process wafers up to 200 mm. The dual tube vertical furnace is loaded by a single wafer robot system. This system allows sequential processing, with wafers being transferred from one process tube to the other in inert atmosphere.

Key system features

  • Dual tube configuration, 40 cm flat zone
  • Controlled ambient capability
  • Sequential processing
  • Side-by-side positioning with a small footprint
  • The Tempress load port can handle up to 4 cassettes
  • Designed for R&D and flexible small production
  • Single wafer robot handling (fully automatic loading)
  • ATM, LPCVD, Oxide & Poly Processes
  • Wafer size 150 and 200 mm wafers

Customer benefits

  • Ideal for small batch processing, short queing time in manufacturing line
  • Flexible batch loading for R&D and piloto line production
  • Dual tube design option for high volume processing