Tempress offers a multipurpose thermal processing platform that enables you to use a wide range of (semiconductor) diffusion and deposition technologies

VS Series.

Smaller batches, latest technology

The VS series vertical furnace is a very economic, scalable and small footprint solution for smaller batch (upto 75 wafers) wafer processing

TS Series V.
The multipurpose Thermal Processing Platform

The horizontal furnace TS series V is optimized for flexibility, multiple processes and cleanroom space.

Wafer Handling.
Do you want to profit from a limited operator interference and dependence and have a more stable and reliable process yield?

The Tempress furnace platforms for medium and high-volume semiconductor manufacturing can be equipped with integrated boat handler and storage and fully automated wafer handling systems (cassette-to-cassette).

Customer Care.

With highly qualified personnel, Tempress provides service of value to your business throughout the lifecycle of your furnace to ensure safe, cost-effective and high-uptime operations.

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