SPECTRUM is the Tempress platform for high volume manufacturing, focused on solar processes. The platform is characterized by its large batch loads, low power consumption and recirculating air cooling (i.e. low cleanroom air consumption for cooling purposes). Select below for further information on the processes offered.
Tempress SPECTRUM is a batch-type PECVD system for SiOx and SiNx deposition on silicon solar cells
The Tempress SPECTRUM LPCVD Poly system is used for in-situ oxide and poly deposition in a so-called ‘TopCon’ solar cell
The third generation of Tempress BBr3 systems uses the common Tempress SPECTRUM platform, thereby strengthening Tempress’ position as global leader in BBr3 diffusion furnaces.
Due to 40 years of experience, Tempress has established a POCl3 diffusion platform capable of delivering the most stable, reproducible and versatile process conditions at the lowest cost of ownership.