The Tempress SPECTRUM LPCVD Poly system is used for in-situ oxide and poly deposition in a so-called ‘TOPCon’ solar cell. The system is capable of depositing both undoped and in-situ doped polysilicon, with uniform deposition over the entire batch. The SPECTRUM LPCVD system allows the ‘TOPCon’ process flow to be run with high throughput and low cost of ownership, as is demonstrated by Tier 1 customers that use the system in high volume manufacturing.

Key system features

  • In-situ oxidation and poly deposition in one system
  • Both intrinsic and in-situ doped poly process available
  • Highest batch load in the market
  • Up to 210 mm wafer size

Customer benefits

  • Superior passivation iVoc > 730 mW over the entire load
  • Lowest CoO due to high system throughput
  • Proven TOPCon production solution in high volume manufacturing