TS Series V

The multipurpose Thermal Processing Platform

The horizontal furnace TS series V is optimized for flexibility, multiple processes and cleanroom space. With its modular design the TS series V is available with up to four process chambers that can independently and simultaneously run a multitude of processes. The TS series V is future proof: process capabilities can be improved and extended over time with its upgradeable and configurable soft- and hardware and the wafer handling can be fully automated.

One furnace, multiple processes.

  • Range of processes combined in one tool
  • Modular designed
  • Upgradable, ​configurable hard- and software
  • Extended process capabilities and improvements

Optimized cleanroom footprint.

  • Wafer size capability​ up to 300 mm​
  • Stack flexibility ​ 1 to 4 tubes​
  • Flat zones​ up to 1250 mm​

Higher process stability and yield.

  • Tempress proprietary and well proven Digital Temperature Controller (DTC) for temperatures upto 1350 degrees Celsius delivers unprecedented temperature stability over long time.
  • Each tube has an individual DTC for optimum temperature control.

Long economic lifetime, ready for the future.

  • Modular design
  • Reliable industrial​ components

  • ​Upgradable and​ configurable hard- and ​software

  • ​Self-diagnostics​ capabilities​

High uptime and process availability.

  • Shorter repair times.
  • Use of high quality, industrial components
  • Support in process optimization
  • Easy acces to Tempress expert knowledge

Easy operation and high security.

New advanced NTM furnace controller and software delivers:

  • Easy formulation and adaptation of process recipes and distribution over different furnaces without advanced programming skills
  • Data logging allowing improved feedback loops and improved process quality and yield
  • New touch screen user interface intuitive and easy to use for operators and process technologists Improved user management allowing easy operation, protection against flaws and improved security
  • One UI (User Interface) to control the entire furnace, process, recipe editing, control and monitor motions, boat movements, logging and analyses process variables and overview of the machine user interface

Easy to integrate.

Flexible and customized integrated automation options including Cassette-to-Cassette

  • Flexible interface between automation and furnace
  • Integrated 6 axis robot for wafer transfer
  • Proven wafer transfer system (installed base 500+)
  • Supporting 150-300 mm wafers

Extra options

  • Edge contact or vacuum end effect
  • SECS/GEM E30 or SEMI 300
  • OHT interface
  • Automatic Foup or SMIF opening
  • Ionizer
  • EDS combs
  • Storage/buffer positions
  • Batch transfer or single transfer

    System Characteristics

    TS 6-8-12 Horizontal batch furnaces

    # tubes 2 to 4 (2 or 3 fot TS12)
    Wafer size 150-300 mm
    Cleanroom ISO 4 compatible


    Flatzone 300 – 1000 mm TS6 within ±0,5 °C
    600-1250mm TS8 within ±0,5 °C
    800-1000 mm TS12 within ±0,5 °C
    Control Cascade PID, accuracy ±0,1 °C
    Maximum 1300°C process
    Optional Fast cooldown (TS8 and TS12)


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