• Tempress offers specialized solutions

    for Semiconductor customers and lowest cost of ownership systems in solar


Serving our customers in the semiconductors, power, MEMS, photonics, solar and coating markets with high added value innovative solutions


To be a world leading company in unique customizable thermal solutions for advanced semiconductor devices and materials


With highly qualified personnel, Tempress provides Service of value to your business throughout the lifecycle of your furnace

Research & Development

R&D at Tempress drives valuable and innovative solutions into the market and supports our customers in developing next generation technologies. From specialized furnace solutions for the semiconductor and MEMS markets, to high volume equipment with the most competitive lowest cost of ownership for the Solar market


Tempress is located in the Netherlands. Tempress’ 50 years of heritage in developing and producing diffusion equipment and related processes is a testament to the company’s flexibility, innovation, quality, and dedication. Tempress has shipped more than 30 GW of diffusion furnace systems for Solar applications. The Tempress Semiconductor experience is a fundamental part of our core technology and knowledge. In order to meet the market’s demand for more efficient and cost effective solar cells, Tempress has developed strategic relationships with leading Solar research institutes, universities, industry partners and naturally, our customers. This close collaboration is a technology enabler.

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Quality, Environment, Health & Safety is in our DNA

It is our ultimate priority to be a strategic partner in a high tech industry, which is driven by knowledge and innovation, in a manner that exceeds customer expectations. Our policy is to establish a professional customer relationship, listen to our customer vision and mission, which translate into solutions for tomorrows challenges.

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Our Markets

Serving the Semiconductor, Solar, MEMS and Photonics market with our versatile TS series systems and SPECTRUM platform for high volume manufacturing needs
With more than 50 years experience and more than 1000 systems installed within the Semiconductor furnace industry
Tempress has a long history of developing & delivering innovative high volume manufacturing solar furnaces to the solar market.
Special applications requiring optimized furnace steps with high uniformity and specific process settings.
Both Atomic Layer Depostion with Al2O3 or other materials and LPCVD coating are excellent methods to coat carriers and objects with very uniform layers.

Our Products (Solar)

Tempress SPECTRUM is a batch-type PECVD system for SiOx and SiNx deposition on silicon solar cells
The Tempress SPECTRUM LPCVD Poly system is used for in-situ oxide and poly deposition in a so-called ‘TopCon’ solar cell
The third generation of Tempress BBr3 systems uses the common Tempress SPECTRUM platform, thereby strengthening Tempress’ position as global leader in BBr3 diffusion furnaces.
Due to 40 years of experience, Tempress has established a POCl3 diffusion platform capable of delivering the most stable, reproducible and versatile process conditions at the lowest cost of ownership.

Why Choose us?


"To our goal of continuous improvement of our production portfolio, the R&D team of Trina Solar has collaborated with that of Tempress' R&D team in the development of our advanced Topcon technology. We selectively work with partners as we address capacity gaps and plan for the growing global demand for our products and we are pleased to have had a long relationship with Tempress and continue to do so over time. Their diligent team is proven in their ability to deliver equipment meeting our very strict quality specifications as we upgrade and expand our production capacity."

Mr. Shouzhong Chen

Head of Global Module Supply and Manufacturing added @ Trina Solar's

“We see a continuous high output from the Tempress PECVD systems. Thanks to these systems we are capable of running our production lines with high stability and reliability, and keeping our cost structure low.”

Operations manager

Operations manager @ Tier 1 PV manufacturer

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